Many are unsure about their religion’s stance on organ, eye and tissue donation. While specific beliefs differ, all major religions in the U.S. support or encourage donation as a person's final act of love and charity in the world. 

Nevada Donor Network honors different religious and cultural views on donation. We understand there are differences of personal opinion even within particular religious groups. Each person's decision to donation is personal and we are proud to honor their choice. Together, we help save and heal lives by offering resources to serve our faith communities.

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Religious Viewpoints


Roman Catholics view organ and tissue donation as an act of charity and love. Transplants are morally and ethically acceptable to the Vatican.


There is definite evidence for Christian support of organ donation. We can choose to donate our organs to save the lives of many people. The decision to donate at the end of life is the beginning of healing for many others. Healing and saving life is a great gift.


There is no prohibition in the Bahá’í Faith on organ donation. It is a matter left to the individual conscience.


Buddhists believe that organ and tissue donation is a matter of individual conscience, and they place high value on acts of compassion.

Central to Buddhism is a wish to relieve suffering and there may be circumstances where organ donation may be seen as an act of generosity.

The needs and wishes of the dying person must not be compromised by the wish to save a life. Each decision will depend on individual circumstances.


"United Church of Christ people, churches, and agencies are extremely and overwhelmingly supportive of organ sharing,” writes the Rev. Jay Lintner, director, Washington Office of the United Church of Christ Office for Church in Society. Similarly, any organized effort to get the General Synod delegates or individual churches to sign organ donation cards would meet with generally positive responses.


The United Methodists, as with several religions, believe that organ and tissue donation is an act of charity and that preserving life takes precedence over any beliefs that govern the treatment of the dead.



Source: United Network for Organ Sharing

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