Living Donation


A living person can donate a kidney and a lobe from one of their lungs. They can also donate a portion of an intestine, liver and pancreas.

Why would someone do this? Because an average of 20 people die each day while waiting for their gift of life. Living donation reduces the waiting time for a recipient and decreases chances of them passing while on the waitlist.

Nevada Donor Network supports and encourages saving lives through living donation! Please reach out to UMC Center for Transplantation or your loved one’s transplant center directly to learn more.

June Monroe


More than thirty years ago, June’s younger brother Brian got sick and his kidneys begun failing. Their father donated a kidney to Brian in 1982. Several years later, the kidney deteriorated and Brian was put back on dialysis. June began the screening process and learned she was a match. She donated one of her kidneys to her brother in 2005, giving him the gift of life. He fought bravely and taught June to never give up. After Brian passed away in 2014 due to unrelated health issues, June decided to honor Brian’s legacy by spreading awareness about organ, eye and tissue donation.