Multicultural Outreach

Unity in Diversity

  • Nevada Donor Network (NDN) partners with hospitals, hospices, law enforcement, religious groups, community leaders, chambers of commerce, and other organizations that support donation. We provide them with education about donation, its process and the importance of treating our heroic donors and families with dignity, respect, and compassion.
  • NDN provides the option to organizations, groups and community leaders to educate their communities about organ, eye and tissue donation with informational materials and support.
  • We participate in community outreach events to educate our Nevadan community about the positive impact that organ, eye, and tissue donation brings to our society.
  • Our Diversity Council group contributes to the development of strategies to raise awareness of donation in multicultural communities.
  • We are engaging with our community constantly through social media channels. We post educational materials in English and Spanish. We assist them with any questions related to the donation process.
  • We recognize and celebrate diverse heritage months and highlight the connection of donation with each of them.

For free educational materials and more information, please contact:

Adriana Connelly

Multicultural Outreach Liaison

(725) 250-2376

Multicultural Partner Campaigns

Corazón de Esperanza

Nevada Donor Network and the Latin Chamber of Commerce to announce the launch of a Latino donor outreach campaign. Corazon de Esperanza (Heart of Hope), the first initiative of its kind by the two organizations, is geared towards educating and encouraging Latino residents and other populations about the importance of becoming organ, eye and tissue donors to help save lives. There is a higher likelihood of achieving a match if the donor and intended recipient share the same ethnic background. Critical factors in donor/recipient matching, such as blood types and tissue markers, are more likely to be found among members of the same ethnicity.

With many minority groups sharing hesitancies to become donors for a variety of reasons, the new initiative will involve numerous Latino stakeholders as well as representatives from Nevada Donor Network. The goal is to dispel myths surrounding organ, eye and tissue donation, provide information that residents can use to foster conversations around donation with loved ones and to help increase the number or registered organ donors in the state.

Multicultural Donation Brochures

Click on the icons below to open the English and Spanish version of our Multicultural Donation Brochure. These informational materials contain facts, frequently asked questions and more about multicultural donation.

*Please note: If you would like to print these materials, the brochures are designed as a 17x11" sheet, folded vertically in half to be 8.5x11".

Multicultural Communities in Donation & Transplantation - English
Donacion y Trasplante en Comunidades Multiculturales