Donation is a highly coordinated effort that requires cooperation, expertise and support from an array of professional partners. From emergency responders, doctors and nurses to coroners, medical examiners, law enforcement and funeral homes – everyone has an important role to play. Nevada Donor Network believes that through education, mutual respect and collaboration, together we can build pro-donation communities throughout the state of Nevada. Nevada Donor Network supports its professional partners by providing supplies and resources to assist in their efforts, along with ongoing education and support from a dedicated team. All education courses are provided free of charge and offer continuing education units from a variety of accrediting bodies.

Additionally, not all opportunities for donation originate in hospitals. In fact, without the voluntary efforts of countless partners throughout the state, many opportunities for tissue and cornea donation would simply be lost. Nevada Donor Network is proud of the partners who make donation possible for more Nevadans than ever before.

Your organization can play an important role in providing the gift of life and health to those in need and honoring the wishes of registered donors and generous donor families. Additionally, many partners choose to get involved with Nevada Donor Network’s public outreach efforts by participating in awareness campaigns and donor registration drives. These collaborations positively impact donation in Nevada while providing positive PR and media opportunities for our partners. Additionally, national recognition is possible through participation in the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration’s Workplace Partnership for Life campaign.

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