Research Opportunities

The need for specific organs and tissue is determined by current research studies. Donated human organs and tissues uncover the pathology of various diseases and develop effective treatments and therapies to help combat and, where possible, cure them. Nevada Donor Network (NDN) is proud to be a part of the journey, when families graciously consent to research. We offer donor organs and tissue to qualified academic, governmental, pharmaceutical, biotech and private research institutions. All such recipients of donor tissue must complete an application/agreement and be approved by Nevada Donor Network Research Committee.

All new applications will be reviewed by Nevada Donor Network Research Committee, typically on a quarterly basis.



To ensure that your application is reviewed in a timely manner, please be sure to submit the following:

  • Cover letter (Please clearly state the hypothesis or research question; Summarize the objectives of the study in which the donor organ/tissue will be used; Specify what will be done to or with the organ/tissue; Include statement as to the ultimate disposition of used and/or unused research material; Summary of your project that can be utilized by NDN to explain the project to families)
  • Principal Investigator's CV
  • Protocol
  • Bioethics Policy
  • IRB (approval or letter if no approval required)

Please email the above information to




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