Communicating with your donor family

All correspondence to or from donor family members and recipients is coordinated through the Aftercare Coordinator at Nevada Donor Network (NDN).  Correspondence is confidential and anonymous until both parties agree to disclose identifying information.  Below are a few suggestions for maintaining confidentiality and anonymity:

  • Use only first names
  • Don’t include your address, city or phone numbers
  • Don’t reveal the name or location of hospital or physicians

Highlights you may want to include in your correspondence:

  • Your job or occupation
  • Your hobbies or interests, especially those which you are able to do  because of the lifesaving gift you received
  • The state in which you live (not the city)
  • Family situation, such as marital status, children and grandchildren, etc.

The Aftercare Coordinator will review the correspondence to ensure confidentiality and anonymity.  Along with your letter, please include a separate piece of paper with your full name, the type of transplant you received, the date of transplant and the name of the transplant center.

After the correspondence is reviewed, it is forwarded to the donor’s family.  If your letter is returned to us, we will notify you.  Remember, the donor’s family may still be coping with the loss of their loved one and it may take some time for them to feel they are ready to respond. 

If you need further information about writing to recipients, please call the Aftercare Coordinator at NDN at 855-NVDONOR (855-683-6667).  

Please send correspondence to the following address:

Nevada Donor Network
Attn: Aftercare Coordinator
2055 E. Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89104